Our balloon is manufactured by Cameron Balloons USA. In our opinion they produce the finest balloon systems in the world. Our hot air balloon is a federally registered aircraft and is inspected annually or every 100 hours of flight time, whichever comes first. The balloon itself (called the envelope) has enough lifting power to carry up to 1000 lbs. of passenger weight on an average day. It has two burners (engines) and independent fuel systems and shut off valves for maximum safety and redundancy.

The balloon stands about 90 feet tall, and is nearly 60 feet in diameter. The balloon envelope is constructed from more than 1000 square yards of rip stop nylon fabric, 1/2 mile of reinforcing nylon webbing and over 3 miles of thread and weighs 325 pounds. The basket with full fuel tanks weighs upwards of 600 pounds.

The burners are fueled by liquid propane and can produce up to 30 Million BTU's of heat when both burners are ignited.

Once inflated, the balloon, the air inside and cargo will weigh in excess of a ton.

Our balloon systems are meticulously maintained to assure our passengers of a safe and memorable ride experience.

  • Meet Your Pilot:  Charles Sica - Commercial Pilot & Flight Instructor
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